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Chihuahua - the tiny dog ??in the world. The name of the breed got the name from the Mexican state of Chihuahua, where, in all probability, and begins her story.

One of the ancestors of modern chihuaua called Techichi - drevneindeyskuyu dog. According to other studies in Central America Chihuahua came from Japan and China, and other sources - from Africa.

Be that as it may, the pedigrees of these charming little dogs have their roots in antiquity. And ever since, people keep these in his gentle, loyal and brave, Chihuahua.

Chihuahua is rightly called the smallest dog in the world. In the same petite size can boast of a Yorkshire terrier. An adult dog has a weight of 500 g to 3 kg.

Chihuahua - this is one of the few species that has evolved naturally in vivo, and not as a result of selection and breeding of various dogs. This leads to her good health, a stable mind and a good nervous system. Chihuahua, balanced power, and even dogs, they are very easy to respond to external stimuli. If a dog, and tremble with cold and excitement, then quickly settle down and settle into new surroundings.

Chihuahuas can live even in a small apartment - an ideal city dog. Good lives in the team - like the society of their own kind, and the host, so compatibility problems will not arise. Overcome the temptation to always be his favorite in his arms, he is able to follow you, even during the longest journeys. Chihuahua is suitable for anyone, even the very elderly or restricted in his movements. They have good health, the dog moving, active, and, thanks to his fearlessness, can scare even a large dog, they are distinguished by courage and devotion to the owners of emergency.

Chihuahua does not require a thorough grooming. Smooth Coat Chihuahua, it is not dirty. Only need to wash their paws after a walk, and the dog itself can be washed every few months. Her hair also does not require regular combing.

As a result, the total absence of problems with hair care chihuahua show quality does not differ from the care of a pet Chihuahua,. A preparation for the exhibition and is reduced to nothing at all - whisper your pet a few encouraging words in his ear, and forward to the ring!

Chihuahua breed is very popular in our time. Their unusual appearance and a small enough size to attract increasing attention. Chihuashki not only everyone's favorite, but they can be seen on the hands of many celebrities, business leaders, in luxurious apartments statesmen. If this is the official party or social events, the Chihuahua will be a fitting culmination of your image and you'll be irresistible.

Chihuahua - this is true, and surprisingly intelligent dog, which for many centuries, a man gives his love and friendship.

York - a dog companion of God. Its size, a fun look, long silky hair, small ears and eyes alive immediately attracted the attention of others. But above all, a very intelligent dog. At York has it all: temperament, strength of spirit, a lot of tenderness. He is always cheerful and ready to follow his master, adjusting to any situation. The children are wonderful companion York to play in the elderly - a quiet man, he is a tireless companion for lovers of long walks. He is charming, family member, whom all adore. Even yorkies easy to get along with other pets.

This breed appeared not so long ago, but immediately managed to win the hearts of not only the majority of the female population, but also part of the male. After half a century Yorkshire Terrier became a favorite pet, which is now the dream of many. Yorkshire Terrier, is a perfect combination of size and beauty of the domestic dog.
If you decide to have a little lap dog and not sure about the breed, then by choosing a Chihuahua or a Yorkshire terrier, you will never regret it!

With Gratitude, Oksana Alekseeva, kennel Empire Oxburgh


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